At Aroma Massage, our team of experienced, talented masseuses are fully trained in Chinese Zhi-Ya (relaxing), Tui-Na (deep tissue), traditional Thai,  and Reflexology (foot) techniques.

Our masseuses take pride in adapting to your personal requirements and ensuring that you enjoy a relaxing, rejuvenating experience. They will also make sure that the treatment room, towels and shower facilities are always clean and comfortable.

Massage Therapy Benefits

  • improves your metabolism
  • reduces stress
  • relieves insomnia
  • speeds up recovery after intensive workout
  • improves muscle performance and body posture
  • increases joints range of motion and muscle flexibility
  • provides relief from Sciatica, back pain and muscle aches
  • Contributes to mental and physical relaxation and higher energy levels.

Massage Prices

Gentle touch from head to toe
£35 / 30mins
£60 / 60mins
Chinese Deep Tissue
Firm pressure reaching deeper muscle layers.
Helps with chronic pain including neck and back.
£40 / 30mins
£70 / 60mins
Uses yoga techniques, stretches and acupressure points
to create a perfect balance of refreshment and relaxation.
£40 / 30mins
£70 / 60mins
Reflexology (Foot)
Helps the body in restoring its own balance
£40 / 30mins
£70 / 60mins
Tailored Aromatherapy
Uses plant oils and other compounds in order to
improve psychological and or physical well-being.
£40 / 30mins
£70 / 60mins

Ready to book a Massage?

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